Data Breaches Around the World

Every continent has experienced data breaches throughout the years. Countries such as China and India have seen more than 300 million total records stolen or lost. The United States alone had more than 6 billion records affected between 2013 to 2020. Within 10 months, over 15 million data records across the world have been lost, stolen, or leaked in 2022. 

Data loss happens everywhere, but about 64% of the data losses experienced in the world occurred in the U.S., with Oregon seeing 1.4 billion data records lost and California experiencing 5.6 billion. The typical reasons for data loss include human error, malware, and unexpected events with incidents ranging from accidentally deleting data to software glitches. 

Businesses, including retailers, also suffer greatly from data breaches. More than five thousand businesses worldwide experienced confirmed data loss between 2021 and 2022. The finance industry was hit the most with 690 incidents. The healthcare and public administration industries experienced more than 500 incidents as well. 

Although data loss has become more prominent in our digital age, more than 35,000 gigabytes (GB) of data have already been destroyed at various points in history, such as the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal in 600 B.C. where an estimated 13.7 GB of data was lost and the Library of Alexandria in 48 B.C. where approximately 571.4 GB of data was lost. Data loss is a global and historical certainty, so getting protection can be beneficial in the long run. 

The World's Largest Data Breaches