Are You Feeling Distracted? Natural Ingredients Can Help

With so many things demanding our attention every day, it can be difficult to stay focused on our most important tasks. The amount of distractions the typical adult faces today can have serious consequences such as impaired focus, reduced executive functioning, and lower attention span. 45% of millennials try to solve these problems with certain foods or drinks, but they are not always successful.

One of the most common drinks in the United States used to improve focus is coffee. Coffee is the drink of choice due to the caffeine contents, but what many people don’t know is that while caffeine may add a boost of energy, it does not actually improve focus. Caffeine also can have adverse effects on consumers such as withdrawals or altering their sleep schedules. Long-term heavy intake can even lead to poor heart health and digestive issues. To increase both focus and energy, more consumers are turning to more natural avenues. 

Ingredients such as elderberry, green tea, and guarana work with the body’s biological clock to support alertness and concentration without the negative effects of caffeine based drinks. Using plant-based natural ingredients is a safe and healthy alternative to help increase focus throughout your day without risking your health. Learn more about the benefits of natural ingredients in the infographic below:

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