6 ways to have fun as a family

Spending time together as a family can be daunting at times, especially when there are so many different things you can do or go see. Sometimes being spoilt for choice makes it harder for everyone to agree.

Depending on the size of your family, you may have to cater to different needs, likes and wants, to keep everything fun and exciting. While the weather may be able to affect what you do, it doesn’t have to determine how much fun you have.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to have fun as a family that will not only keep everyone engaged and happy but will bring you closer together!

Visit a museum or zoo

While a museum might sound like a boring solution to having fun, there are plenty of things for everyone to enjoy whilst indoors. As a family, you can take turns deciding on what type of museum you’d like to visit, such as an art museum, natural history or even a science and technology museum.

Once there, there are plenty of elements that are enjoyable for children of all ages, and it acts as a fantastic learning experience too. Some museums also offer playgrounds and cafes or restaurants that can help break up the day and act as a chance to either refuel or let the kids burn off extra steam. This can maybe inspire some at home art projects for you and your family. Whether that be sculpture or painting with bulk watercolors, these kinds of activities are great to fuel creativity as a family.

A zoo or even an aquarium offers a more immediate and exciting payoff as a family. While you learn about the animals, you also get the opportunity to see them up close and personal, all from a safe distance.

Visiting a museum, zoo or aquarium offers an educational and entertaining way to spend the day.

Indoor mini-golf

Mini golf in Birmingham is a fantastic family favourite that involves whacky courses and friendly competition. It can be a great way to entertain older children and adults while acting as a great opportunity to teach younger kids about the basics of physics and geometry in a fun environment. In addition to mini-golf, get your kids started in junior golf! This is a fun activity to learn and do together as a family.

If you’re in the West Midlands, there are plenty of options for indoor mini golf in Birmingham that will keep your family entertained, such as That Funky Golf Venue. Their unique courses come complete with different themes and neon glow-in-the-dark elements that add an extra layer of fun for the family! Bring your golf bags and come on out!

Go to the Woods

Looking for plenty of fresh air? Then visiting your local woods is the perfect solution! Grab your hiking boots and the dog and enjoy a stroll under the trees.

A family outing to the woods is a great way to have fun, allowing the children to embrace their local environment. Depending on the time of year you visit, Spring tends to be the most exuberant; flowers and trees begin to bloom, the wildlife reawakens once more, and the woodlands become a hive of activity.

Most woods not only have play areas and cafes that can help pass the time or break up the day but there are usually signs and informational boards dotted about to help explain the woodland wildlife bustling around you too.

If you’re looking for added fun, perhaps pick a species of bird or type of flower and see who can spot the most…


Keeping on the theme of the outdoors, camping is a fantastic way to bond together as a family. Whether you pitch up your tents in the garden or travel further afield, there are plenty of things to do while camping, such as sharing stories sitting around the campfire or roasting marshmallows for a late-night snack.

When the kids are finally ready for bed and if it’s warm enough, why not pull the sleeping bags out and doze off under the stars instead.

But if your children are still young and might not want to sleep outdoors, why not go camping indoors instead? Rather than pitching up your tent, you can erect a bedsheet and maybe even build a fort to help create the illusion of camping.

Read a bedtime story under torchlight and maybe even take the time to make finger shadow puppets against the wall! This is a great way to get the children involved and get them excited if they build the indoor tents along with you.

Interactive darts

Another fun and exciting indoor activity that is more suitable for those with children slightly older is interactive darts. Places have come up with a quirky and exciting take on making darts fun for the whole family.

Offers a range of different types of interactive dart games on a single dartboard, such as Shanghai, Quack Shot or Snakes & Ladders. Each game requires you to work in a team and aim at specific numbers to beat the other.

Interactive darts is a fun experience that will get the whole family to bring out their competitive side in a unique environment.


But if you’re looking for something else to get the blood pumping and to keep the whole family fit and healthy, then going for a cycle ride together is the perfect solution.

With various places to either hire bikes or go out on your own, you can ride around with the family in your local areas, whether that’s to the park or down the country roads.

With plenty of options and places to visit, taking the road less traveled at a leisurely pace with the family is an exciting way to spend the day.

While there are many other options and choices that you can do to spend the time having fun with your family, these are just a few ideas.

From Mini golf in Birmingham to visiting a museum, the woods or even playing a quirky game of interactive darts, there’s plenty of fun to be had as a family! Just make sure to include your travel insurance if you’re making any big trips!